Friday, December 10, 2010

Angelico H Pizza & Tapas (1421 H St)

Angelico's Pizzeria was slated to open at 1387 H Street until the concept for that location went a little less pizza delivery and a little more sit down restaurant/cafe and the name became Desperados and later Home Slice, which is the current plan.  Construction work is ongoing at that site. 

Now comes news that the team behind that concept plans to bring an Angelico H Pizza to 1421 H Street, NE.  Deniz Eroglu and Mustafa Misirci -- business partners of Musa Ulusan -- have filed an application for a liquor license for this location.  The application describes the business as a "new restaurant with pizza, appetizers, salads, and sandwiches" with seating for 48 and patio seating for an additional 16.  The partners are scheduled to present their plans to the ANC6A Alcohol and Beverage Licensing Committee next week.   


  1. Yes, pizza and tapas. I think they mostly mean pizza and antipasta though. Small plates of other stuff you can nosh on, likely cheese, meats, etc. Will post more on this soon.