Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let it Snow (so we can drink for cheap) on H Street

No need to stock up on food and beer in preparation for the big storm this weekend.

Starting Friday at 6 pm, neighborhood restaurants and bars Little Miss Whiskeys, the Pug, Sticky Rice, Palace of Wonders, and Jimmy Valentine's, and (update) the Red and the Black will all knock $1 off each drink you order for every six inches of snow that has accumulated as part of this weekend's storm. The special pricing will run both Friday and Saturday, though it will be capped at a minimum of $2 per beverage. So after you shovel your sidewalk, make your way to your favorite neighborhood watering hole and enjoy!

Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar (1104 H St)
Palace of Wonders (1210 H St)
The Red and the Black (1212 H St)
Sticky Rice (1224 H St)
the Pug (1234 H St)
Jimmy Valentine's (1103 Bladensburg)

Updated: The Red and the Black is also participating.


  1. Sorry, but do you mean capped at a maximum? We don't get credit for making it out in 18 inches? Whatever, sounds like a great deal.

  2. @4:17, to be clear, the cheapest any beverage would get is $2 per drink, so you could get $3 off for 18 inches of snow, so long as you were buying something that cost $5 or more to begin with. Or you could get $4 off for 24 inches, if your beverage was regularly priced at $6 or above. But you aren't getting your PBR for $1 and they aren't paying you to drink Stroh's no matter how much it snows!

  3. That Stroh's comment is priceless.