Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Capital City Diner opened today at 6 am

And like the soft opening this past weekend, they were packed throughout the day. Newschannel 8 has this report and Tim Carman at the City Paper reports on the lunch time visit from the diner's past owners.

My first impressions are that people are going to love the place, but remember that it is a small diner and that there are only a few people working at any given time with limited space to prepare food. In other words, while my lunch time "fat boy breakfast" meal today was delicious, they were swamped and not moving very quickly, so if you go over the next coupled days, you should be prepared to cut them a little slack as is the case with any new business working out opening kinks, especially among heavy crowds. That said, be sure to check this place out soon. For more on the delicious food, check out this post from Brunch and the City.

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