Thursday, February 18, 2010

A few miscellany updates

ANC approves new licenses for Biergarten, Souk, and Rock & Roll
At the February 11 ANC6A meeting, the ANC approved voluntary agreements to allow the license applications for liquor licenses for Biergarten Haus and for Souk to proceed to the ABRA. Souk plans to add a small bar and hopes to add a patio this spring. The ANC also signed off on a modification to the Rock and Roll Hotel's license to permit them to operate a roof top deck under an agreement similar to the one recently approved for H Street Country Club.

The Washington Post features the Intersections Festival
They seem excited about it and mention that Saturday is Family day, noting that a number of performances are free.

Also in the WP, some love for Sticky Rice
I haven't been in a while, but this will get me back there soon, maybe before or after an Intersections performance this weekend or next.

Liberty Tree is getting closer and closer and looking good
The website is a work in progress, but bits and pieces and a menu are up.

And, Dangerously Delicious is still doing their best to open soon
They plan to kick off the 1st Ever PIE-N-ROCK-N-ROLL TOUR 2010 with owner/baker/artist RODNEY 'PIE MAN' HENRY at the DC location Friday, March 12, before taking the show on the road to Ashville, Athens, Orlando, and NOLA before the end of the month.

It's going to be an exciting next month or two with Intersections going on the next few weekends and Capital City Diner, Dangerously Delicious, Liberty Tree, and Biergarten all joining us soon.

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  1. If Souk is going to add a patio and bar, maybe they should add some competant wait staff. Seriously, I want to love that place. I really do. However, the wait is forever and the cashier/server girl is absolutely unfriendly and unhelpful. Please, Souk, hire a few people when you expand. I hope it all works out.