Thursday, January 21, 2010

WP reviews Constant State of Panic (at H St Playhouse through 1/31)

They seem to like the production, if not as much the lead actor's performance in it.

The show runs at the H Street Playhouse (1365 H St) through January 31. Purchase tickets here.

Another shorter review from is reproduced below.

It's a newer theater in town but Madcap Players is presenting a laugh riot comedy "CONSTANT STATE OF PANIC" (To 1/31) by Patrick Gabridge which is a don't miss in these times of earthquakes, severe weather and other theatrical mishaps. It is a story of a paranoic man who sees threats even from germs on water coolers in the office...the part is masterfully played by Paul McLane who has amazing comedy timing on stage. Equally adept at comedy is Tori Miller who plays a screamingly funny bible pusher as we only see her eyes through the letter drop slot and a tv newswoman whose life is spent in accusatory mania. The two actors engage in a all-hell's-loose roll around the floor combat that is screamingly a riot. Carleen R.Troy plays the confused wife and Aidan Hughes plays a government agent who too often swallow the end of their sentences or use the wrong word stress so they lose a lot of potential humor...but they do have dollops of "funniness" along the way. The story line is totally family clean and it reminds one of older comedies like "Seven Year Itch" or "The Tender Trap" that current audiences keep pleading for to get away from stage perversity. There is no doubt that director Gary Raymond Fry, Jr. is a magnificent director of comedy with so many funny details in turns of action or of script. Probably the award winner however are the set designers Beth Baldwin and Jon Boags who had to have characters appear on stage from unlikely places throughout the show. This is a highly recommended evening of fun in the often sorely missed on our stages. (Reviewed by Bob Anthony)

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