Friday, January 15, 2010

New Leadership elected for ANC6A

With the recent resignation of Chairman Joe Fengler from ANC6A (SMD-02), the ANC elected a new slate of leaders last night.

Chair: Kelvin Robinson (SMD-08)
Vice Chair: Mary Beatty (SMD-05)
Treasurer: Nick Alberti (SMD-04)
Secretary: Raphael Marshall (SMD-01)

Commissioner Robinson previously served as Chief of Staff to then-Mayor Williams from 2001-2004. Within the ANC, Robinson has been best known for his leadership on the Public Safety Committee. ANC6A was described as the best ANC in the city during Fengler's stewardship, so Robinson has big shoes to fill.

The election to fill Fengler's seat as ANC6A-02 Commissioner will be held at the Commission's next meeting on February 12 at Miner Elementary School (601 15th St NE). All residents of that district are encouraged to attend the meeting to cast their ballot in this important election. ANC6A-02 runs from H Street between 8th and 12th Streets south to E Street, and also covers between 12th and 13th Streets from H Street south to G Street.

ANC Economic Development and Zoning Committee Chairman Drew Ronnenberg and PSA-102 Co-Coordinator Bobby Pittman are running to succede Fengler. Fengler has endorsed Ronnenberg noting that he has "put in untold hours over the past years to support many of the key development projects and zoning issues championed by ANC 6A" and "is the best qualified candidate running."

UPDATE: Details on the election are now available on the ANC website here.


  1. The language of your post seems to suggest that you don't have to be a resident of ANC6A02 to vote in the February election - is this true?

  2. @Jaybeas,

    No, you must be a registered voting resident of ANC6A-02 (within the boundaries described above) to vote for the representative of that district on ANC6A.