Friday, January 22, 2010

Capitol Fine Wine and Spirit NOW OPEN at 415 H St

Capitol Fine Wine and Spirit opened earlier this week at 415 H St.

If you haven't stopped by yet, you should. It has been completely renovated inside and is gorgeous. The owner and his brother are still working on their offerings, but have a good selection of reasonably priced wines available (think Mark West Pinot Noir, Altos Las Hormigas Malbec, other varied $10-15 bottles you wont find at a grocery store), as well as a small stock of spirits and beers. They are welcoming suggestions for what beer, wines and spirits they should offer, so if you don't see a bottle or your favorite beer available, leave a note in the journal at the checkout counter with what you are interested in and they'll look into stocking that in the weeks ahead.

The initial impression is generally quite favorable, based mostly on appearance and good intentions. The beer selection needs improvement as it is small and there are few microbrews or international offerings of note, but to their credit they seem genuinely interested in offering what people express interest in, so it will be incumbent upon us to visit and let them know what else they should stock to ensure that we come back and support them. They are awaiting delivery of their credit machine, so be prepared to pay with cash in case that doesn't happen immediately.

In other news, Toyland (421 H St) is doing a soft opening for the neighborhood this weekend and was open last night. Currently, it's a cash bar with a good selection of bottled beer and wines. They are well stocked on liquor as well. No food yet, but they anticipate adding that and opening up the second floor once they've been open for a while and finish renovating it. They wont officially open for a couple weeks, but the neighborhood is invited to stop by for a preview tonight, as many people did last night.

With Ethiopic's opening at (401 H St) in the next couple months and another new venue opening soon thereafter (stay tuned) joining Sidamo, Bikram Yoga, Fitness Together, and Nouveau Fleur (500 H St), the 400 block of H St is suddenly becoming one of the best developed blocks on H.

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