Saturday, May 19, 2012

Want our H Street FreshFarm Market to stay open past noon? Stop by this morning to let the producers know

The H Street FreshFarm Market is off to a great start in its new location at 13th & H.  They recently received ANC backing for their request to expand further onto the public space along 13th Street and have added Gordy's Pickles to the rotation of specialty purveyors and will be at the first and third market of every month (Red Apron butchery comes the 2nd & 4th markets of month and Docezza Gelato comes to the 1st market of each month).

The market runs each Saturday, from 9 until noon.  Many of us have been saying for how it would be great if it stayed open a bit later.  The market folks tell us that they are open to the possibility of sticking around until 1, but that they'll need our help to convince their purveyors.  If you want the market to stay open later, drop by today and let the vendors know that you wish they'd stick around later. 

If you arrive by 10 today, you can enjoy food educator Melissa Jones will be doing a kid and family-friendly cooking demo in honor of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day.

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