Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Link roundup

Frozen Tropics reported that the Pug (1234 H St) is opening for lunch on Fridays and will be open all day to preview the new lunch menu on Memorial Day.

The Hill is Home celebrated its second anniversary.  Congrats to a great neighborhood blog!

The Sherwood Neighborhood Volunteers held a clean up and planting at the Sherwood Recreation Center (640 10th St NE).  THIH's Sharee Lawler says the recent landscaping work is looking good.

Capitol Hill residents are gathering this evening at Lincoln Park to rally to keep Capitol Hill together in opposition to a rumored redistricting proposal to split the neighborhood (and Rosedale) along 17th Street, leaving the eastern parts of the area in Ward 7.  The rally starts tonight at 5:45 at 13th & East Capitol. 

Young & Hungry at the City Paper attempted to recreate the popular tater tot dipping sauce from Sticky Rice (1224 H St).

TBD has this piece on Swampoodle, the neighborhood (largely the area immediately behind Union Station near H St & North Capitol), behind the play, now playing at the Uline Arena (200 blk M St NE). 

Life's Randonmess to the Fullest has this piece on their first visit to Toki Underground (1234 H St) and Washington Life drops by as well.

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