Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Link roundup

The Washington Post highlighted one of the up and coming musicians to pass through the Rock & Roll Hotel recently in a feature on James Blake's recent sold out show there.

DC Urban Turf found it's Deal of the Week -- "A Capitol Hill Renovation Project" -- just south of H Street at 623 F St NE.  There are a couple other ongoing renovations on F Street we've enjoyed watching recently at the corners of 5th St (604 5th St, which looks incredible) and at 10th St (SE corner), which we're looking forward to seeing when finished and on the market soon. 

Metrocurean -- perhaps DC's foremost food blogger -- tried Toki Underground and said she's "sort of in love" with it.  She particularly recommends Toki's hot endorphine sauce with your ramen.

The Hill is Home's Sharee Lawler says SOVA (1355 H St) is more than just a coffee shop, it's a community gathering spot that is "comfortable, spacious and welcoming to everyone" and therefore is "one of [her] favorite spots on the Hill."  We agree -- and we enjoy SOVA both for coffee, tea, meetings, and reading, and for a glass or wine or cocktail in the evening with or without Thursday night bluegrass.

Councilmember Tommy Wells passed his budget recommendations through the Committee on Transporation & Public Works (which he chairs).  Greater Greater Washington has a quick review of various items in it including bikeshare expansion and a proposal to install performance parking on H Street and immediately surrounding it.  The plan would allow the meters on H Street to vary the rates based on the time of day and amount of demand for parking, change the parking between G St to the south & I St to the north by allowing one side of each street to install red resident only parking signs, and devote the funds to a set aside neighborhood improvement fund.  This type of plan is already in place over on the other side of the Hill and funds from it were used to purchase various items and improvements, like bike racks and big belly solar powered trash compactors.

The Hill is Home's Nichole Remmert explains how Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill (410 H St) has become part of her life as she just completed 60 sessions there in 60 days.

The Washington Examiner talks with Smith Commons' Chef Frederique DePuie and touts him (and presumably the rest of the Smith Commons team) for establishing fine dining along H Street and expecting the corridor to "gentrify into D.C.'s newest, best-food part of town."   The story goes on to compliment Smith Commons on its attractive appearance saying that it "exudes the same kind of upscale charm you might find in Penn Quarter or even Georgetown."

The Washington Post's Tom Sietsema had some nice things to say about Watershed (1225 1st St NE) after his first visit.  Sounds like their shrimp & grits are a must order.

PoP has a brief update on Shwafel (1322 H St) which is bringing quality, affordably priced Lebanese food including Shwarma & Falafel to H Street for lunch, dinner or late night dining.

DC Urban Turf has the first listing from newly renovated Engine House (1341 Maryland Ave) building.  Station Place (525 9th St) is also ready to go and offers similar high quality units in a beautifully restored historic building as well.


  1. Just one correction here... the H Street parking proposal does not include putting meters on any street other than H Street. Meters have always been planned to go back on H Street. But with this, it would allow the corridor to capture some of that meter revenue to be reinvested back into pedestrian improvements, small businesss investments, and other neighborhood priorities -- rather than just back into the larger DC general fund. It would also allow DDOT to implement greater residential parking protections on the side streets (but please note, that does not include meters on any block other than H Street NE). In other words, one side of street could be Zone 6 only and RPP enforcement could be set later in the night.

    I hope that helps clear up any confusion.

    Charles Allen

  2. Thanks, Charles. I've updated the post to reflect that.

  3. I would love to see expanded RPP, as it is getting increasingly difficult to find parking on my block (just N of H ST NE). However, it will do no good if the city doesn't enforce. Commuters (especially from Maryland) often take up the residental parking all day and never get ticketed. The city is missing out on a big source of revenue.

  4. The District is also failing to ticket Maryland commuters parking around NY Ave Metro.