Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Link roundup

Prince of Petworth says he "freaking love[s]" Star and Shamrock and asks what others think of it.

Frozen Tropics has some photos of the newly painted Argonaut and a robust debate in the comments about whether the new shade of gray is an improvement over its distinctive green predecessor.  We liked the green too, but rest assured that the Argonaut is going to be better than ever when it reopens. 

The Hill is Home featured local business Aesthetic Answers.

Thrillist has a nice picture of the bar and a few details about the cocktail and wine programs at the Atlas Room, which will open to the public this week at 1015 H Street.

Groupon has half off certificates to the Langston Bar and Grille (1831 Benning Rd).

DCBOEE posted unofficial election results in local races.  Tommy Wells was overwhelmingly re-elected with 85% of the vote in Ward 6 where 1 in 3 voters wrote in a candidate for Mayor.  In ANC races, congratulations go to new commissioners Adam Healy (6A01) and Andrew Hysell (6A06) who will join Drew Ronneberg (6A02) in representing the eastern end of H Street.  ANC6A will also have two more new commissioners: Sharee Lawler (6A05) and Lia Veenendaal-Selck (6A08).

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  1. Congrats to Wells. As one of the 1 in 3 in ward 6 who wrote in a name for mayor, I hope Gray gets the message. But from what he said at the Ward 6 town hall, I doubt it.