Tuesday, November 9, 2010

H Street Connection Redevelopment moving ahead

Last night, the DC Zoning Commission approved the PUD (Planned Unit Development) for the redevelopment of the H Street Connection (south side of H Street between 8th & 10th Sts).  This will be the biggest and likely the best of a series of coming development projects on H Street. 

Dear Neighbors,

The redevelopment of the H Street Connection was finally approved at last night's Zoning Commission meeting. 

ANC 6A has worked with the developer for the past 3 years to create a building that would anchor the 8th and H corner and spur the redevelopment of the central part of the H Street Corridor.  The new building will bring over 50,000 square feet of retail space and over 300 new residential units to the H Street Corridor.  In addition, the building was designed to fit into the architectural fabric of H Street, and read as eight separate buildings rather than a single monolithic structure. 

Although construction on this project will not begin for at least another 2 years, the Zoning Commission's approval of this project means that it has cleared its most significant regulatory hurdle.  With the approval of this project, the completion of the streetscape in 2011, and the arrival of the Streetcar in 2012, the future is bright for H Street.

To learn more about the project:

Views of the new building: http://dcmud.blogspot.com/2010/03/h-street-goes-big.html
ANC 6A's letter of support which outlines the project's community benefits:  http://anc6a.org/HStConnectionPUDsprt.pdf

Best regards,

Drew Ronneberg, ANC Commissioner 6A02
Phone: 202-431-4305
Please visit our website - www.anc6a.org


  1. What is the hold up?! Another two years MINIMUM before they even break ground. Is financing the issue. There are a myriad of other projects throughout DC and H Street (Flats at Atlas District) that are able to be creative and find financing, why cant Rappaport???? Dont get me wrong I am very happy this development is coming, it just cant come soon enough!!!


  2. I live two blocks from here and I can't wait. I am tired of driving to the grocery!