Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ward 6 Dems host Mayoral Candidates Forum & Endorsement Meeting Tuesday, July 27, 7 p.m. at Eastern Market's North Hall

The Ward 6 Democrats invite you to a Mayoral Candidates Forum & Endorsement Meeting

What: Mayoral Candidates Forum & Endorsement Meeting
Where: North Hall of Eastern Market, 225 7th Street SE
When: Tuesday, July 27, 2010, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

The Ward 6 Democrats proudly invite you to attend a Mayoral candidates forum and endorsement vote. Mayor Adrian Fenty and Chairman Vincent Gray have confirmed their attendance. The forum is open to the public and provides an opportunity for the Democratic mayoral candidates to discuss and debate issues important to the residents of Ward 6.


Andrew Lightman, Editor, Hill Rag
Sam Ford, ABC 7 News

While the candidates forum is open to all members of the community, the endorsement balloting will be limited to registered Ward 6 Democrats.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


  1. Dear Neighbors:

    I write to share why I have decided to vote for Mayor Fenty at the forum on Tuesday night, and on September 14th. I'm writing this message because I believe strongly that we have an important decision to make: whether or not we want to continue the progress this city has made during the last four years, especially in education. For me, the answer is an emphatic "Yes!"

    I have made this decision as a 35-year resident of the District who has worked for all three branches of government and witnessed this city's highs and lows from both personal and professional vantage points. While you make your decision, I urge you to do what I did while making mine:

    Look at what this city has become. The District has achieved a level of progress that I did not think possible when I worked for the Council when the control board was in place in the late 1990s.

    The DC Public Schools have made more progress during the last four years than during my entire lifetime in the District. I recently got married and bought a home with my husband on Capitol Hill. Because of the progress that has taken place under Mayor Fenty's and Chancellor Rhee's leadership, I want to send my children to public schools. I am voting for the Mayor because I never want to face the painful decisions that my parents and friends' parents faced while I was growing up in DC: do we move out of the city we love because of education? Or do we spend every penny we make on private schools? Imagine a DC where families don't have to contemplate these decisions. I believe firmly we are on the path to being that city. And that progress can continue only with leadership that puts academic excellence above every other interest. Look no further for evidence of the results of that kind of leadership than at the gains made at Sousa Middle School, as reported here:

    The District is on track to having fewer than 100 homicides this year. When I was in high school, the District had almost 500 homicides in one year. There are many factors that contribute to crime, but you cannot reduce it without strong leadership and good policing. Today, the homicide clearance rate is 75%, putting the District among the nation's best performing cities. The tide in the District has turned against getting away with murder, no matter who the victim is. As Chief Lanier said in Sunday's Washington Post, the homicide drop "represents the realization of a belief that we can make this a safe city for everyone." (available here:

    Mayor Fenty CAN claim credit for this progress. I have heard some people say that he cannot. It is true that it is the result of years of hard work by many people. But what is unique about Mayor Fenty is his insistence that we raise the bar to demand these kinds of results, results that others do not think possible, or do not have the courage to pursue. We have a long way to go, particularly in education. Mayor Fenty is the only candidate who will continue to demand results and progress, without excuses, even when doing so is unpopular.

    Mayor Fenty has raised our expectations. Whether it's supporting streetcars, quickly re-building Eastern Market, or realizing the belief that every child can excel in school, no matter what her background, he has improved the city in ways that matter to all of us. Demanding and achieving these results requires courageous and risk-taking leadership.

    And yes, at times, this has ruffled feathers. But the results are worth it. The District's time is now, and I have never been more proud to live here. Don't take our hard-fought progress for granted. Keep our expectations high and vote for another four years of progress, by voting for Mayor Fenty at Eastern Market on July 27, and on primary night on September 14.

    Amy Mauro

  2. I remember when Amy worked for Sharon Ambrose. I cannot praise her efforts to improve this city enough.

    Please take the time to register and vote. It is important. You have no idea on what you can lose.

  3. I can't imagine why anybody around here would be considering voting for Gray after he tried to pull the plug on streetcars.