Friday, July 9, 2010

Metrocurean: Five Bites features H Street/NE Capitol Hill's best dishes

Every Friday, Amanda McClements hosts reader submitted "Five Bites" featuring reader submitted five favorite items from restaurants across town on her Metrocurean blog. Today's "Five Bites" is covers H Street and the NE side of Capitol Hill.
Ben, a lifelong DC resident who says he appreciates the culinary revitalization of his hometown, offers an all Northeast list of bites.

1. Lobster roll at Liberty Tree

2. Reuben egg rolls at Star and Shamrock

3. Caprese sandwich at Toscana

4. Moules champignon with large fries at Granville Moore's

5. Bacon, onion and Gruyere quiche at Dangerously Delicious Pies

I'd say its a pretty good representation of the best items on H Street, though I'd probably substitute Ethiopic's vegetarian sampler or signature lamb tibs for the caprese sandwich and the S.M.O.G. (Steak Mushroom Onion and Gruyere) as my favorite item from Dangerous Delicious Pies.

What else should be on a list of the best must-order items from H Street's fast-growing dining scene?


  1. Clams Casino Pie at Liberty Tree! It's almost as good as the lobster roll and definitely the best pizza there.

  2. Argo's fish tacos and sweet potato fries. Can't go there without getting both no matter how hard I try!

  3. to 10:47, you can now go there w/out getting both now since the kitchen is burnt down.

    Hey oh!

  4. 1. garden balls at Sticky Rice

    2. The Patterson Avenue at Taylor's

    3. egg and cheese croissant sandwich and coffee from Sidamo

    4. Mushroom muffaletta, sweet potato fries and Booty beer at Argonaut

    5. Grape leaves from Souk

  5. DDP's Cowboy Quiche, Sticky Rice Tots, Taylor arancini and Love Park salad.

  6. Glad you spotted the post. And nice to see people adding on! Now I'm hungry.