Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Link roundup

The Express says H Street -- especially Sova (1359 H St) -- is a great place to avoid the tourist crowds.

New York Magazine touts H Street for fun Spring travel, noting that Little Miss Whiskeys (1104 H St) and H Street Country Club (1335 H St) are fun spots to check out.

CivSource shares some info on the Digital Capital Week proposal for an H Street Pop Up Lab at the corner of 13th & H Street in the old RL Christian Library space. It appears that logistics are not yet complete, but the proposal is to transform the vacant Library Kiosk into a temporary innovation lab for creatives, technologists and citizens to experiment with new things for at least a 10 day period. It will be interesting to see what happens here and what use is made of that space going ahead.

The Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H St) announced a series of other films to be screened on its new HD screen, including a previously unreleased 1989 Grateful Dead show (setlist)and Mikado at the Movies, joining the ongoing Opera in Cinema series, which runs on Wedensday nights and weekend afternoons.

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