Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thank you Mayor Bowser for your promise to run the streetcar along H St & from Georgetown to east of the river

Tonight in her, State of the District Address, Mayor Muriel Bowser offered her strong commitment to not only getting the streetcar running along H Street and Benning Road, but to completing the promised extensions of the line from East of the River all the way through downtown to Georgetown.

This is excellent news and ensures the continued success and growth of this neighborhood and others around it.  The streetcar will offer needed public transportation options to residents along H Street and in other neighborhoods nearby.  It will help connect communities, bring more residents access to our local small businesses and provide our ever growing community with much needed enhanced transit options.

Please join me in thanking Mayor Bowser for her leadership and her commitment to our community and help her and the streetcar team at DDOT as they work to bring streetcars back to DC!

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  1. If she actually makes the Streetcar happen, she will be anointed DC's 2nd Mayor for Life.