Friday, July 18, 2014

Thai Cuisine & Bab: Korean Fusion restaurants coming to 1300 block of H Street

1387 H Street has been vacant for several years.  It was supposed to house a pizza spot and underwent renovations for it off and on for a few years before that frequently renamed concept petered out.  A couple weeks back new signs were posted saying that Bab Korean Fusion was coming soon.  This is the building at the SE corner of 14th & H Street.

Has anyone heard anything more about Bab?  
There's also a sign posted for "Thai Cuisine" at 1360 H Street, which was home to a short lived Pho restaurant.  This is next door to Impala. 

Photo of 1360 H posted to twitter by @DCVet

Thai Cuisine has been on our short list for places that should really open on H Street for as long as we've lived here, so we're pretty excited to see a Thai spot finally coming to fruition.  Between the new wine bar and this Thai place coming soon, we're going to have update our list of what H Street needs to have open soon.

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