Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weekly Trivia Night at Biergarten Haus resumes Tuesday, 8 pm

Biergarten House welcomes you to this years trivia season!

This year marks the 3rd season of trivia at Biergarten Haus, and we are back with some great prizes. Your Host Christian J., is a trivia veteran and full time comedian, which guarantees you to have a good time!

We are extending our happy hour throughout the whole event night, which by the way, is fantastic!

5$ Half liters - Franziskaner Hefeweizen, Spaten Lager, Paulaner Pils, Einbecker Winterale, Becks Winterale
5$ Wine - Chardonnay (White), Shiraz (Red)
8$ Spirits - Jagermeister, Killepitsch
5$ Food - (2) Hamburger Sliders served with Fries, Gardencurry Wurst served with Fries, Loaded Fries


1. 8 rounds per game with 2 lightning rounds, 5 questions per round with a break between rounds.
2. Scores will be updated at the end of each round.
3. Each team decides the point value to be awarded based on how confident they are. Values are 1-5. All answers must be turned in at the end of the round and all at once with the values assigned.
4. One round can be declared as a “Bonus” round in which the team’s points will be doubled. To do so, circle the Logo at the bottom of the answer page. Cannot double a speed round.
5. At the beginning of the speed round a category will be given and the team has a time limit to come up with as many items/answers in that category as they can. The speed round will be the third of fifth round.

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