Monday, November 21, 2011

Yes, that was First Lady Michelle Obama on H Street Friday night

Only a couple weeks after Vice President Biden and a host of other prominent Washingtonians, including Colin Powell & Madeleine Albright dropped by the Atlas Performing Arts Center, H Street welcomed yet another prominent politico.  This time First Lady Michelle Obama came to Sticky Rice for dinner on Friday evening.  The First Lady arrived around 7 pm and stuck around for a couple hours while several suburbans and other secret service vehicles lined the north side of the 1200 block of H Street. 

Conveniently Sticky Rice had recently opened their expansion into the building to their west, which allowed the additional space and exits that was likely required by Secret Service for a high profile guest like the First Lady.  No word from the guys at Sticky Rice if any tots or PBRs were consumer alongside the First Lady's sushi. 

We're thrilled to see the neighborhood continuing to attract more and more visitors, but hope her visit to Sticky Rice doesn't foretell long lines at Sticky Rice again so soon after they doubled in size.  Although, the building next to the one they expanded into remains open...


  1. The real question is did she wear skinny jeans? We know she is fashionable!

  2. The correct term is is "a couple of" not "a couple." So, "only a couple OF weeks after..." for example. Dropping the "of" is sloppy. Good work otherwise!

  3. Thanks, Nerdlinger

  4. Hey Bruno. You need to watch yourself too. You typed "is" twice - "The correct term is is".