Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Link roundup

Boogie Babes is now hosting events for kids at the Atlas (1333 H St) every Friday. 

The City Paper's new Young & Hungry Columnist Chris Shott was pleasantly surprised by how good the food is at the Queen Vic (1206 H St).  We thought they had some of the best eats at the Festival and are looking forward to seeing more of what the new chef has up his sleeve. 

Found by a Friend has a nice piece on the fried oyster starter at Queen Vic, calling it "one of the best morsels of food I've ever had the chance to put in my mouth."   We like it as well and have been known to order it there, though we're also fans of getting an order of fish n chips for the table as a starter to share since we think it's an absolute must try item. 

The Hill is Home has a nice photo slideshow up from flickr users who took pictures at the Festival.

Eater gets a tour of the building that will soon house Taylor Charles Steak & Ice (1320 H St) and has a few more details on the cheesesteak & house made water ice concept:
It's a cheesesteak place, but there are going to be other options, too: chicken cheesesteaks, a "really killer" but secret-for-now hot dog of some sort and a couple of vegetarian options that could include eggplant and mushroom variations on the classic sandwich. Patten says they're also testing a hamburger that would be deconstructed into the shop's rolls rather than a bun. There will also be fries with Old Bay, onion rings, and house-made water ice with seasonal flavors like kumquat. Beyond Whiz, they'll be stocking provolone, American, mozzarella and an American cheese sauce.
As for the space, Patten explains that they wanted to recreate the feel of a Pat's or a Geno's, the iconic Philly shops where you eat outside. 
Huffington Post reports on some cool things coming to Taylor Gourmet (1116 H St), including a couple new types of cookies (the chocolate chip ones they already have are terrific), soups, and special hoagies of the month.

Frozen Tropics reports on problems with moisture in units at H Street Storage.  It seems like something is always astray there. 

Rob Pitingolo reports in the Post's Local Blog Network on "The Rise of H Street NE."  He says
After last year’s festival I wrote that the neighborhood still looked like a wreck, and I tried to imagine its future. In only 12 months, it’s amazing how much things have changed.  If I had money to invest in real-estate, H Street, or Near Northeast, or whatever people are labeling the area, is definitely where I’d buy." 
The Big Board (421 H St) is getting ready to open and was quietly welcoming neighbors during the H Street Festival.  They've taken the paper off the windows and the place shows nicely and very differently than it has recently.  We especially like the newly exposed brick back wall.  There's a menu posted in the window offering a variety of salads, beef burgers, a tuna burger, and two veggie burgers.  Urban Daddy took a peek inside and says we can expect them open in a couple weeks.  We're looking forward to it.

District Cuisine stopped by Pho Bar & Grill (1360 H St) at the Festival and reports that they'll be open soon and posted photos of their menu.

The Examiner
has a nice story on the partnership between CHAMPS's Julia Robey Christian & HSMS's Anwar Saleem, which manifested itself in a very successful H Street Festival.

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