Saturday, March 20, 2010

Biergarten Haus (1355 H St) coming in April

Biergarten Haus (1355 H Street) is getting closer to opening. Expect that to happen in April, probably less than a month from now.

WAMU has a great piece on them with Fritz Hahn of the Washington Post that ran yesterday. Among the highlights are the fact that the outdoor garden can seat over 300 people, the brats and krauts will be traditional German-style, and that there will be live music. There's also a great quote from Hahn about the success of the greater H Street neighborhood:

"This neighborhood is pretty much unstoppable at this point."


  1. WP Going Out Gurus has this post with pictures and a few more details (via Frozen Tropics).

  2. Stein club sounds awesome. Hope they do it.